MONIKA ŽOKALJ CEO at Yogurtlandia Slovenia

The process of cleaning takes only 10 seconds. Cafelier makes it fast, easy, and, above all, safe. The most important thing is that we really want only the best for our customers and Cafelier helping...

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COSTAS OF SWEDEN Barista & Coffee Roaster

Automating the ˝less˝ fun things in our job is always a good idea. Get this in your daily routine and you will never need to worry about a dirty goup head. This is a very solid built product and I w...

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EMMANUEL BUSCHIAZZO Co-Founder & Head barista at High Five Coffee School

Cafelier makes the group-cleaning chore as easy as it gets. Somehow I regularly find a way to burn myself, and Cafelier keeps the hot water away from my fingers! Also, it is a stunning tool to show...

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PETER ŠEVIČ SCA, AST - barista trainer

Cleaning is not important just at the end of the day but also during work to keep the coffee preparation quality at the highest level.

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LUKA JAKSIC Head barista at Kafeterija Belgrade

One sentence that describes the Cafelier: "Increased productivity, quality, and time-saving capabilities make it a must-have.

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MITJA PIŠEK Head barista at Pišek bar

I was waiting for a product like this one, consistent cleaning is effecting the coffee quality so you notice how important but easy it is with Cafelier.

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DRAGICA NOVAKOVIC Sava Hotels & Resorts

Cafelier eases our work and offers a simple and fast maintenance of the espresso machine. Our espresso machines are always ready to serve only the best coffee possible.

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SAMANTA KEBELJ Bartnedner at Café Ambient

Cafelier really changed our thinking about cleaning, so these days we clean regularly after every 40-50 brewed espressos.

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Life is too short for bad coffee.
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